A pet lover's guide to caring for your aging dog

As dogs age, they become more sensitive, more weary, they tire more easily. Certainly, there are senior pets just as there are senior citizens. But, just because your dog is aging doesn't mean that you don't still have years of fun times ahead of you with them. Here are a few tips for caring for an older dog:

  1. Give Them a Cozy Bed. A nice place to nap is very important for senior canine health care. If they're going to have any energy in a day, they're going to need to get plenty of rest. A padded bed in a favorite part of the house should do fine.
  2. See the Vet Twice a Year. When your dog was younger, you got them their shots and you took them to the vet if they got sick or hurt. Now, a twice-a-year checkup isn't a bad way to make sure that your pet is in their best possible shape.
  3. Keep them Active. Keep teaching your dog new tricks, take them to the park or beach regularly and keep them out and about. Dogs that grow older can become less interested in life without some positive pushes in the right direction. It takes them a little more effort to get out there, but they still love it as much as they ever have.

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