Bowling for fun and health

The benefits of bowling include great fun and improved health. As a healthy activity, bowling is easy to overlook. While the many Wii and other electronic game systems offer exciting simulations, nothing replaces the health benefits of bowling in its real essence. With most of us no longer playing football, basketball or baseball, bowling remains popular with kids and seniors alike.

Along with its great fun, benefits of bowling include healthy activity rewards. A few of the many health benefits of bowling for seniors include the following:

  1. Stretching before bowling. Warming up and stretching out calves, quads, joints, ligaments, tendons, and hamstrings before bowling is wonderful exercise for your body, even if you stopped right there.
  2. Muscle toning, without high risk of injury. Much like energetic walking, bowling gives your leg muscles a hearty workout. Holding and rolling a bowling ball also gives your upper body and arms weight-based exercise. Since you face no primary hazards (except, possibly, dropping a bowling ball on your foot), you do not adopt a high risk of injury.
  3. Bowling burns calories. While not exhausting, one game of bowling should burn between 170 and 300 calories. Having great fun through a typical 3-game match could burn up to 900 calories that might otherwise become fat.
  4. Healthy social experience. Much of golf's popularity comes from the ability to meet and talk with your fellow players. Bowling offers similar benefits. Since you're mingling with fellow players, you can make new friends, enjoy old friends and chat about important (or silly) stuff in between your turns on the alleys. This healthy activity can eliminate stress and ease emotional turmoil, minimize other concerns and, even, improve your lifespan.

These are a few of the many benefits of bowling. Be careful not to load up on beer and hot dogs while bowling, diminishing the healthy activity benefits. Instead, stretch your muscles, burn calories and have great fun.

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