10 RV vacation destinations in the United States

Some have compared the journey of life to a road. Our younger years are like winding back roads with stop signs at nearly every length of straight pavement. Sometimes we park, and sometimes we pull of the road altogether. If life is indeed a road, then being over 55 is a stretch of highway like the fabled route 66; full of adventure and discovery.

Other than spending time with our loved ones, (especially those sparkly-eyed grandchildren) venturing out into the great expanse that is America is likely what many of us look forward to the most. Luckily, there are many destinations waiting that range from the swampy bayous and enticing casinos in the South, to the National treasures of our park system. Here are 10 RV vacation destinations to visit while cooling your heels from the road, no matter what part of the country you're in.


It has become a cliche for those of the retirement age to visit or move to Florida, but for good reason. Florida has a good infrastructure of highways, and tons of little camping spots along the way, especially the Osceola National forest. RV camping and adventure are here in abundance, and if you tire of the forest, there are countless miles of beach and ocean views to be had on your journey. If you're looking for some quiet time on the links where you can enjoy the comforts of your RV, try Torrey Oaks RV park.


Savannah is known for its classic beauty and plantation homes as well as the shopping. Life is quiet and slow, and the shopping here is a well-kept secret. These advantages are of course secondary to the scenery outside of Atlanta and Savannah that can be taken in while you are traveling to an RV park or campsite.


This gem of the south has recovered pretty well from the storms of a few years ago and the region depends on RV travelers for their economy. Who says that you can't pull that Winnebago into the parking lot of one the beautifully built casinos on the water and enjoy a bit of roulette while deciding which RV park to pull into. If you're looking for an RV resort with charm, old sites and fishing with all of the amenities of home, then give Swinging Bridge RV outside of Jackson a try.

East Texas

The piney woods region is a great stop over for a trek across the United States. The roads seem to reach to the tops of the trees so you're forced to take in the sites. National parks and historic Jefferson, Texas, which is right on the border of Texas and Louisiana, are but two of the charming stops on the way into the great state of Texas.


Although Branson has a reputation as a hustling fast paced tourist attraction, the surrounding areas are waiting to be explored. The streets are wide here and the region is known for its love of camping and hunting. The Ozarks are just a stone's throw away, so if you tire of the country music, head over and find a site by the Mississippi, or at the foothills of a mountain.


Yosemite National Park is the Avalon of RV destinations. Yosemite is big enough to spend an entire summer adventuring. Yosemite has top-notch camping facilities and the variety of sites here are the best in the country.

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