Top resolutions for women as suggested by doctors

It is that time of year again! With hopeful looks to a brighter, healthier future, ambitious New Year's resolutions abound, so let these top resolutions suggested by doctors guide you in creating your own winning resolutions. Although resolutions for women as well as men usually focus on acquiring better health habits, these resolutions pinpoint important health issues that primarily affect women.

Pay attention to your bone health, as women are more prone than men to osteoporosis. This means getting adequate calcium, Vitamin D and other minerals in your diet. Dairy is one of the best sources of calcium, but if you do not enjoy milk there are plenty of alternate high-calcium choices such as hard cheeses, yogurt and salmon with the bones in.

Get regular health screenings that help detect problems while in their early stages. Your doctor will know which screenings are appropriate for you.

Take quality time for yourself. You have to stay in tip-top health too! Find ways to lower your stress levels with exercise and relaxation. A little time pampering yourself helps keep you renewed and refreshed.

Resolve to eat healthy. Forget the fad and crash diets, focusing instead on optimal nutrition while enjoying your food. Moderation is definitely the key to healthy eating.

Get moving! Establish an aerobic and strength training exercise routine that you can stick with.

Patience is the key to attaining success in your resolutions. Recognizing that you may not achieve your goals within a couple of weeks helps you approach your goals in a more realistic manner and greatly lowers the risk of abandoning your efforts. Experts agree that developing new healthy habits takes some time, so relax and look forward to a healthier year to come.

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