Say what? How to tell if you are losing your hearing

Detecting hearing loss is now just an iPhone away and is free for the checking. A UK charity, RNID, has launched an app for iPhone called Hearing Check that allows consumers to check for hearing loss, requiring only a set of ear buds. The no-frills app is straightforward and easy to use.

The test consists of plugging the ear buds into the iPhone. A voice speaking randomly generated digits will be heard and you will be required to type in the digits just as they are heard. They will be repeated 30 times. While the voice is being heard, background noise will also begin. The more correct answers, the louder the background noise will become, making it more difficult to hear the voice. The more wrong answers, the more the background noise will diminish.

Once the test is complete the results and advice on whether or not to see a hearing specialist will be heard. The app is an easy and convenient way for anyone to check their own hearing for sensorineural hearing loss, which is normally due to age or extreme noise exposure. The developers say the test has been scientifically verified, but cannot detect problems of the outer or middle ear.

People wanting to use the app through an iPhone can get more information. If you are experiencing signs of hearing loss or tell yourself, "I am losing my hearing," this painless hearing test could determine whether or not hearing loss really is the problem.

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