For some, the most beloved parts of the holiday season are special meals enjoyed with family and friends
BY ELIZABETH DIEHL | December 2, 2022 at 4:43 p.m.


Brighten the Holidays with Colorful Plants

This is the time of year to give, receive or fill your home with colorful holiday plants

Staying Safe and Joyful

Being adaptable and building an inclusive environment are key

Nutmeg High

Nutmeg is easily a superfood, with tremendous health benefits ... but take care!


Give the Gift of Preserving the Garden’s Harvest

Help your gift recipient turn their harvest into something delicious


Big edible bouquets for winter

Broccoli can produce nice secondary florets until late winter. If you carefully cut them above the new shoots, you will get second, third and maybe fourth crops.


Probiotics 101: A Primer

These friendly bacteria serve us well. Their benefits range from helping with digestion to protection from disease.


Fall Care of Perennials

Before reaching for the pruners and rakes, consider all the benefits of leaving healthy perennials stand for winter


Handy Tips for Low-Salt Travel

Since it takes healthy kidneys more than one week to excrete the sodium from one restaurant meal, consider these food alternatives when traveling.

Forcing Flowering Bulbs into Bloom this Winter

Investing time forcing flowering bulbs into bloom is sure to boost your spirits this winter


Casseroles: Easy meals for busy folks

Casseroles are easy meals for busy folks, perfect for making ahead of time or eating as leftovers.


5 Tips for Downsizing

It can easily take months, sometimes longer, to downsize a lifetime of memories and possessions

Creative Ways to Enjoy Pansies This Fall

Pansies have long been a fall and winter garden favorite

Ban the Can!

Warm up this fall with high-flavor, low-sodium soups inspired by Northwest seasonal favorites.

Senior Living Trends

If you are considering making a move, ASHA provides these considerations to assist you with your decision-making process