Biotech CEO is Paying Millions to Reduce his Biological Age

January 27, 2023 at 3:41 p.m.
Bryan Johnson, high-tech entrepreneur, has committed millions of dollars to become young again
Bryan Johnson, high-tech entrepreneur, has committed millions of dollars to become young again

Bryan Johnson is only 45 years old but is already concerned about growing older. He has embarked on an incredibly spendy and rigorous medical program that claims to be creating the fountain of youth.

The project was outlined in an article by Ashlee Vance earlier this month. It’s entitled How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year.

“Johnson, 45, is an ultrawealthy software entrepreneur who has more than 30 doctors and health experts monitoring his every bodily function,” writes Vance. “The team, led by 29-year-old regenerative medicine physician Oliver Zolman, has committed to help reverse the aging process in every one of Johnson’s organs.”

Apparently, Johnson has agreed to be the guinea pig for various promising treatments and has a health care team that obsessively pokes and prods and tracks results through blood tests, MRIs, ultrasounds, colonoscopies and more measurements than you can imagine or would have thought possible. In addition, every day Johnson monitors his weight, body mass index, waking body temperature, blood glucose, heart-rate variations and oxygen levels while sleeping.

Johnson is looking to have his organs, teeth, skin, hair and pretty much every other body part reach the biological age of an 18-year-old. The name of the program is Project Blueprint.

Just getting Project Blueprint up and running required an investment by Johnson of several million dollars, which included the cost of setting up a medical suite at his home in Venice, California. “This year, he’s on track to spend at least $2 million on his body,” writes Vance.

Johnson is following a strict protocol, which includes a vegan diet of 1,977 calories a day, a plethora of daily supplements, hour-long daily exercise plus a high-intensity workout three times a week, and sleeping the same time and amount every night, including having worn special glasses that block blue light for the two-hour period before he goes to bed. He is zapped with electromagnetic pulses to improve muscle tone in the places his workout regime can’t reach. Oh, and did we forget to mention that after every meal he brushes, Waterpiks and flosses before rinsing with tea-tree oil and applying an antioxidant gel. His doctor reports that he has the gums of a 17-year-old. Johnson applies seven daily skin creams, receives weekly acid peels and laser therapy on his skin. He’s had “fat scaffolding” injected into his face that is designed to regenerate and “produce genuine, young-person fat cells” in his face.

“What he does is essentially a full-time job,” one of Johnson’s team members told Vance. Johnson and his team of health professionals say that the experiment is breaking ground in the field of longevity and will probably extend his life.

Johnson’s doctor says the program is starting to pay off for him: “Johnson’s body is, as they measure it, getting medically younger.” According to the parameters as set up by Project Blueprint, the 45-year-old Johnson has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old. The plan is to continue with hundreds of other procedures left to explore, including gene therapies.

Johnson’s great success in the software industry created the motivation for his new focus on growing younger. Ironically, the long hours and stress that led to his success left his life in shambles. He was overweight and deeply depressed. He sold his business for $800 million in cash, states the article, and started focusing on his own health. This led him to create a biotech-focused venture called OS Fund, and later a company called Kernel, which makes helmets to analyze brain activity, looking – in part – to lessen chronic pain.
Will Johnson’s experiences translate to a program that others can follow? Johnson says that he wants people to get away from health fads and instead focus on longevity plans that are based on medical science. “The whole longevity field transitioning into a much more rigorous, clinical place,” says George Church, a famed Harvard University geneticist.

Even if you had $2 million dollars to spend every year, would you sign up for the program?

For a much more detailed description of Project Blueprint and Johnson’s progress in his quest to “become 18,” read the original article: How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year. 

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