Retirement: Dream or Disaster

February 19, 2023 at 2:40 p.m.

More than 20 years ago, Rajiv (Raj) Nagaich established his elder law and care management company, Aging Options, in Federal Way. According to Raj, Aging Options works to help people and the professionals who guide them to do a better job of planning for retirement.

Rajiv Nagaich


Since then, Raj has become a well-known retirement planning expert, one who created his own approach to retirement planning he calls LifePlanning.

He is also the host of two public television specials, Master Your Future and The Path to Happily Ever After, and he is the host of the AgingOptions Radio Show.

Inspired by his father-in-law’s senseless suffering in retirement nearly two decades ago, Raj started a mission to fix what’s wrong with retirement planning in America. “Taking on a fractured system that has 70 percent of us sleepwalking into our worst nightmares about old age, Raj found a way to beat that system,” states his website, “This holistic approach considers multiple aspects of the aging process, including legal, finances, family dynamics, housing and health.” And selecting the professionals to assist you when you are no longer able to make the decisions for yourself.

And now he’s written a book.

RETIREMENT: DREAM OR DISASTER is written “as an exposure of the epidemic of retirement plan failure in America and offers a powerful alternative approach to planning that delivers the outcomes retirees care about most.”

Raj says he had many theories as to why traditional retirement planning has failed many people. He also had ideas about what could be done to prevent the failures he’s seen. These ideas eventually coalesced into what he calls LifePlanning. “This book explains how it all unfolded, and it's a story you will want to read,” Raj adds.

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