I’ll Never Forget Old What’s His Name

November 19, 2022 at 1:02 p.m.

...by Pat D'Amico

One look at me and it’s obvious that I’m not lying when I smile and say, “I’m having a senior moment.” 

Sometimes a name evades me, or the perfect word is gone before I can nail it down in a sentence. I also safely store things and some of them are never to be seen again. 

They say this is to be expected at my age so here are some thoughts on the subject before I forget them:

Here I am – temporarily – pausing on the stair.
I was going – momentarily – to do an errand somewhere.
The problem that’s perplexing me and causing me to frown
Is I can’t remember – definitely – if I was going up or down.


I’ll never forget old “what’s his name”
And I’ll always remember his wife.
He played a cutthroat pinochle game—
Couldn’t beat him to save my life.
He won with such jubilant, unbridled glee
That everyone said he was shameless.
He’s clear as a bell in my memory,
But temporarily nameless.

My system of keeping track of things
Can cause dispositions to sour
But I can come up with just what I need
If you’ll give me a half an hour.
Most of the things I put away,
From the jokers to the aces,
Can be found in the allotted time
In one of three or four places.

I can’t say I’m sharp as a tack
But I have a pretty good brain.
I’ll admit that I’m taken aback
When a few senior moments reign.
So, if in our conversation,
You notice I’m looking askance,
While seeking a word revelation,
I apologize in advance.

Pat D'Amico is a frequent contributor to NorthwestPrimeTime.com


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