Eating on the Floor

This ancient practice has many health benefits for older adults
August 20, 2022 at 6:24 p.m.
The habit of eating on floor, such as is the practice in Okinawa, Japan, offers many health benefits. Photo courtesy "Eat This, Not That"
The habit of eating on floor, such as is the practice in Okinawa, Japan, offers many health benefits. Photo courtesy "Eat This, Not That"

A recent article by Samantha Boesch published in Eat This, Not That, explored the societies around the world that have high concentrations of centenarians, also known as Blue Zones.

There are five Blue Zones around the world that have been studied to learn the health secrets of the long-lived individuals who reside there. In addition to living longer, people from these regions tend to have fewer cases of the diseases that typically affect older adults in other parts of the world, like heart disease, cancer and dementia.

In general, the people of Blue Zones live in communities where they are very connected socially, they exercise daily as part of their regular routine (moving naturally such as gardening and walking to town), and they eat simple, healthy diets.

The author explored one Blue Zone in particular, Okinawa, Japan. She notes that the people of Okinawa sit on the floor for many of their daily activities: resting, reading, spending time with loved ones, and eating.
What, asks the author, does this practice of eating on floor have to do with health and vitality?

As it turns out, plenty.

This habit means that people from that region tend to sit on the floor and stand back up many times every single day.

The act of getting up and down from the floor increases your sense of balance and helps to maintain muscle in your back, core and legs. This action increases flexibility and mobility, and even improves your posture.
People in the U.S. tend to be much more sedentary than the elders who live in Okinawa.

The author suggests that you might consider investing in a couple of comfortable floor pillows, then – if you are able to safely get back up – add the practice of eating on the floor for one meal per day.

This simple practice offers multiple benefits and could provide a new outlook on life.

To read the full article, link here: The Surprising Effects Eating on the Floor Has For the World’s Oldest People — Eat This Not That 

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