Changing a Tech Device to Work Well for You

August 15, 2022 at 4:17 p.m.
Bridget Agabra of, provides respectful technology training and services for seniors and the tech-challenged
Bridget Agabra of, provides respectful technology training and services for seniors and the tech-challenged Bridget Agabra

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Our mobile phones can be lifelines yet can also be frustrating with those tiny screens and keyboards! Tremors can make it hard to type and sometimes text just isn’t legible. Did you know that many phone settings can be easily adjusted to suit your own physical needs?
Some of the following features are available on almost all phones. Each type of phone is different, but you will likely find them in your Settings area under Accessability. Gather your bravery and take a peek at your own phone’s options. It’s wise to make only one change at a time so that it easy to switch back if it isn’t helpful.


  • Text size and contrast can be increased. Contrast can make text more visible without changing how much shows on the screen, as changing text size does.

  • The phone can read selected text aloud to you.

  • A “magnifying glass” square can be used to help reading.

  • Increasing the basic screen brightness in the Display area can be helpful as well!

  • Extra tip: if you are having a hard time reading very small print, like numbers on an insurance card, take a phone picture of it then zoom in to the picture using your fingers!


  • The sensitivity of a touchscreen can be changed to account for tremor.

  • The keyboard can be made “stickier” (slower) to reduce typos.

  • Using your voice to do most things like dialing and texting reduces the need for touch overall.


  • You can set your phone to listen for the doorbell, or a knock or a barking dog and alert you.

  • Connect your phone with your existing hearing aids and turn the phone into a microphone feeding straight into your ears (great in a noisy restaurant!).

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Bridget Agabra teaches online classes through King County Library System. Coming up: Changing a Tech Device to Work Well for You on Wednesday, August 17 rom 2 to 3pm. For more information about the class and to register, link here:
Bridget Agabra, of Issaquah-based, provides respectful technology training and services for seniors, and the tech-challenged. 425.246.1192

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