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Russ Gerber is a syndicated health blogger and a Christian Science teacher and practitioner.
This post was originally published on PsychologyToday.com. Follow him on twitter @russgerber.

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Good faith

Has your faith ever made a U-turn? This writer's faith re-examination resulted in the end of periodic migraine headaches.

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First impressions: a roadmap or a roadblock?

Don't let limiting labels or discouraging first impressions ever become a thought model you adopt as your own. Such dispiriting concepts can act as mental roadblocks from seeing extraordinary possibilities and empowering a full, healthy, productive life!

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Instant gratification, instant fear

In an age when we’re increasingly tempted by instant gratification and instant fear, remember that self-control can also be exercised in an instant, and with benefits that gratify, bring calm, and go on and on.

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You yearn for progress in your life. Now what?

Has prayer ever left you feeling uninspired or alone? As this writer's experience shows, more may be going on below the surface than is readily apparent.

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A Healthy Shake-Up in Health Care

It doesn't take yet another academic study to validate what mainstream folks intuit and find every day, that a commitment to spirituality is beneficial to their health.

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Great Expectations: Re-framing How We Think About Health

It's not just what you think, but what you expect that impacts your health. Not everyone agrees on the pivotal role of consciousness in health, or on what benefits prayer can bring to bear on one’s mental state. Expectations for real improvement can range from dismally low to sky high. But if it’s true that we get what we expect, maybe it’s time to raise our expectations.

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The healthiest people on earth: What's their secret?

If you live in Japan you're probably feeling pretty good. The quality of health there is ranked number one in the world according to a decades-long study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If you live in the U.S. it's a different story, and not one to feel good about.

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For this doctor, business as usual is over

Dr. Rob Lamberts cares for a living, but his out-of-the-box health care practice is turning heads.

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Is drug addiction a disease?

When this question arises I suspect I'm not the only one who feels a deeper rumbling as to which of the two viewpoints they'd like to see emerge as right.

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It's Never Too Late to Ask: Is This The Way to Health?

We should be seeing—and certainly feeling—more signs of better health by now, given the hefty price tag for this journey. We're paying First Class rates but finding out we’ve been bumped.

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Belief and Its Effect on Our Health

Penny Sarchet doesn't think of herself as a detective, but she's been acting like one. She recently received a prize for her science essay on the nocebo effect, one of the winning entries in a writing contest sponsored by the Wellcome Trust in association with the Guardian and The Observer, who have been on the lookout throughout the UK for the next generation of outstanding science writers.