Travel & Safety Tips

Renewing your vows abroad: A checklist of things to do

Here are some tips for destination wedding travel for vow renewal ceremonies abroad so couples can have a unique celebration with friends and famiily.

Steps to take when travel plans go wrong or you lose your passport

Need to complain after a holiday from hell? Know the right steps to take that could result in a few perks on your next trip or even a refund on the bad one.

Road trip and air travel tips to avoid deep vein thrombosis

Long hours in a stationary position can lead to a serious blood clotting problem called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and even death. Learn safe travel trips to avoid DVT.

Three things that can happen if you cheap out on airline tickets

We all look for the best deal when buying airline tickets, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” does hold some truth when it comes to buying cheap airline tickets.

Discover your inner tech nerd with these top road-trip smartphone apps

Use the latest smartphone apps for vacation ideas and tips for the best road trip attractions to see along the way.

Forever young: 3 crazy things you should do with your spouse on vacation

Live young once again by doing these 3 crazy things when you are on vacation with your spouse. Make a packing checklist and things to do list first.

3 things you should know before you go on vacation overseas

If you are planning an overseas vacation to Europe, South America or Asia, here are the key things you'll want to know before you leave.

Home protection checklist for the departing vacationer

Going on vacation but worried about burglars or home emergencies? Find out what steps you should take to keep your home well protected while you’re away.

What's the best cruise line for a trip with the grandkids?

Are you planning a trip with the grandkids this summer? Consider a Disney cruise.

Tips for flying with the grandkids

Are you traveling by airplane with your grandkids this summer? Make sure that you're prepared by following these safety tips.

Managing your baggage: Top tips to avoid common luggage issues

Afraid of losing your luggage? Find out what you can do to avoid some of the most common luggage problems when traveling.

Safety suggestions for your Death Valley exploration

Planning to hike at Death Valley National Park this summer? Make sure you follow these safety tips.

Eating on the fly: Foods to avoid before getting on a plane

Eating before getting on a plane can cause some serious physical distress. Find out what you can do to combat the bloat demons before stepping onto that plane.

Lingo tips for Egypt travel: 5 words and phrases you should learn to say before your trip

Are you traveling to Egypt this summer? Consider adding this key phrases to your travel vocabulary.

No more babble: Top 10 translation apps for iPhones and Androids

Traveling to a foreign land but don’t speak the language? Learn how to get around without a hitch with the help of smart phone applications.