Dating violence is not just an issue for teenagers - it can affect people of any age who are in a romantic or intimate relationship.
BY JENNIFER Y. LEVY-PECK, PHD AND CHARLES PECK | February 16, 2015 at 10:36 a.m.

The Midlife Love Story

Those of us who marry in midlife are unlikely to make the Golden or or Diamond anniversary benchmarks (although if I live to be 104 and Charles makes it to 111, we could celebrate our 50th anniversary...).


Ten Questions to Deepen Your Relationship

As your love affair unfolds, you can use gentle questioning to learn more about your partner’s core values and to help you decide if this relationship is truly what you have wished for.

Menopause and Sex

Midlife relationships may very well encompass the “menopause years,” and menopause can have emotional and physical consequences that affect your sex life.

Mealtimes With Your Sweetie

After years of traditional dinners at the dining room table, Jennifer would have been very surprised to fast-forward to the present day and see herself eating in front of a favorite TV program with Charles.


Courage to Date in the New Year

If you are seeking a partner in the New Year, we'd like to give you a little encouragement.

Moods are Contagious

Joy is contagious. So is crabbiness. How can you maintain your own emotional balance when your partner is having a tough time?

Ethics in Dating

Most older adults can tell at least a few horror stories about how they have been treated badly in dating relationships. How many of us take the time to consider whether our own behavior is ethical?

Friends and Lovers: A Balancing Act

When you meet your partner in midlife, you probably have friends who are important to you. It can be a challenge to balance your time and attention between your friends and your partner.

The Power of Small Caring Behaviors

How can you show your love for your partner in ways that really matter? You may be surprised to realize how powerful small signs of caring can be.

Accepting Your Aging Body

Here's what happens when you can't accept the changes that aging brings to your body: you may shun intimate relationships, you may shut down your sexuality, you may see yourself as ugly, and you may avoid activities you would otherwise enjoy.


The Perils of Gift-Giving

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and it can be an emotional minefield for people in new relationships.

Telling Your Love Story

Your stories—how you met and fell in love, how you knew you were right for each other, and how you decided to become a couple—are important.


Older Hearts Break, Too

When you choose to enter the dating arena, you are taking risks – including the risk of a broken heart.

Reimagining Your Life Together

Beginning a new relationship in midlife or beyond provides the perfect opportunity to reconsider how you want to spend the rest of your life.