Tofu cooks quickly and is packed with protein in stir-fried dishes packed with plenty of vegetables.
BY KATY G. WILKENS | February 23, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.


How to avoid the holiday bulge

The average American gains five pounds every November-December, and it takes them many months to lose it - if they lose it at all.


Gardening — it’s not just for summer any more

Winter veggies can help prevent cancer and add lots of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K to a healthy diet.


Power up with citrus

Citrus is a great, bright flavor you can add to almost any sweet or savory dish.


Kiwis from the Emerald City

This amazing fruit with the beautiful emerald interior grows locally here in the Emerald City and is harvested in the fall.


Enjoy hot summer nights with simple, cool salads

These salad meals are refreshing, healthy, and low in sodium.


Stay cool and smart about salt this summer

Here are a few tips and recipes to help you stay cool while avoiding dangerous salt.


Farmers markets: bringing food fresh to your table

Farmers markets are everywhere – with about 30 in King County and more than 100 in Washington state.


It's time to jive with chives

Easy-to-grow chives are a great onion substitute. Their flavor and color really shine when you add them to dishes that don’t cook long.


The new convenience food: butternut squash

The convenience of buying butternut squash that is already peeled and cubed eliminates a semi-daunting task of chopping it up on your own.


Poor man’s asparagus: winter leeks in the garden

Like a giant green onion, leeks somehow manage to make it through most winters. You can pull the fleshy, thick stems out of the ground until it’s freezing outside.


The right apple for the right job

More than half the apples eaten in America come from Washington state.


Persimmons: winter lanterns lighting up dark days

One persimmon contains half your daily vitamin A and a fourth of your daily vitamin C needs. Persimmons are a great source of fiber and are high in all kinds of trace minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.


The magic of spinach – any time of year

Whether you pick it from your garden in the summer or get it at the store in the fall and winter, spinach is nice to use fresh in salads and smoothies, and cooked in egg dishes, stir fries, pasta dishes or even sweet or savory spinach pies.


Fall meals: slow cooking beans for comfort

Slow cooking is a great way to develops the flavor of beans for your fall meals.