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Causes and solutions for premature graying

Cause of graying hair can be genetic, natural hydrogen peroxide buildup, pituitary/thyroid problems, or luck. Various gray hair treatment options exist.

Tips on choosing stylish and protective sunglasses

Sunglasses should be more than just stylish. Read our tips on how to look good this summer while protecting your eyes.

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Which cosmetic surgery procedures are covered by your health insurance?

You may have insurance for cosmetic surgery when your doctor deems these procedures are necessary to improve your health.

Facts and myths about makeup

Are you worried about the safety of makeup? Learn the truth behind some of the top myths about cosmetics and their supposed health risks.

Getting effective skin treatment without surgery

The concept of natural skin treatment is sometimes limited by gender. These top 5 non-surgical skin treatments are for anyone with a desire to look and feel better.

The thinning hair blues and what you can do

Even thin or fine-textured hair can appear more full and attractive when the right products and techniques are used. These hair care tips can help.

What are varicose veins and what can you do about them?

Although varicose vein removal is seldom necessary, varicose vein treatment is common in pregnant, overweight or aging women.

Dress the role: The dos and don'ts of embracing your seniorhood in style

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you have to hang up your cool clothes. Find out how to discover your true individuality with a few senior fashion tips.

Spring fashion, styles and accessories for women 55+

Some of the most fashionable women out there are over 55. Learn how to follow in their stylish footsteps.