Losing sleep over menopause? Talking on the phone can help!

Like many women going through menopause, Deborah Diamond was struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Hot flashes woke her in the middle of the night, and she often struggled to get back to sleep. “I looked into all kinds of sleep remedies, short of taking hormones or prescription medications,” she said.

Treatments for Menopause Symptoms

Many women and their health care providers are considering complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) as a result of potential health problems recent studies have uncovered with prolonged hormone therapy,

Too Young for Hot Flashes?

When Menopause-Like Symptoms Come Too Soon

Not your mother's menopause: new ways to manage symptoms

Although menopause is a milestone event for an estimated 50 million-plus women each year, there is an increased focus on the topic during September, which is National Menopause Awareness Month.

Menopausal Symptoms and Treatment Options

Learn the most common menopausal symptoms for women and the best treatment options to alleviate them.

Pregnant at 50: The menopause baby

There could be greater risks in mid-life pregancies, but technology has made it easier. Women over 50 are deciding to have babies.

The link between colorectal cancer and high blood sugar in postmenopausal women

New research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC, indicates that women with elevated glucose levels are more likely to develop colorectal cancer.

Tips on getting rid of menopausal weight

Women need not fear menopausal weight gain. Some experts say it is beneficial, but excessive weight gain is not healthy. Here are some tips for preventing problems of menopause.

Menopause plus hot flashes equals high cholesterol

Recently a study was released that has now included symptoms of high cholesterol as a risk for menopausal women. Results indicated that levels of these high cholesterol causes were significantly higher than women who had no hot flashes at all.

The flaxseed / snake oil connection

Despite having many other health benefits, Flaxseed has not been proven more effective than a placebo in recent testing for relief of menopause hot flashes.