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Pecking Out the Benefits of Eggs

April brings opportunities for brunches with family and friends. Why not serve up a healthy dish that includes eggs! A good source of protein and several B vitamins including B12, eggs also contain choline and selenium, all of which are necessary components of a healthy diet.

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Headache Pain: What To Do When Your Head Hurts

Most of us get headaches from time to time. Some are mild.

Helping Older Adults Talk With Their Doctors

Do you work with seniors?

Lack of flu preparedness: What you need to know to protect your family

(BPT) - In the middle of winter, snowstorms and severe weather might be top of mind, but when was the last time you thought about the flu?

Winter Eye Care: Tips Ways to avoid dangerous foggy conditions

(Family Features) When the cold of winter settles in, it can bring a wide range of problems – especially for individuals who wear glasses.

Sweet Stuff: How Sugars and Sweeteners Affect Your Health

Most of us love sweet foods and drinks.

5 questions you should ask your pharmacist

5 questions you should ask your pharmacist

Hidden holiday hazard? Don't let foot pain dampen holiday spirits

(BPT) - Americans spend just shy of 274 hours a year on shopping – or 45 minutes per day – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey.

10 healthy strategies to survive the holidays

(BPT) - The holidays are a wonderful time of year. A chance to see old friends and distant relatives, take a vacation or just put the stresses of everyday life behind you so you can focus solely on family and fun.

The Future of Genetic Testing: Telling Science Fact from Science Fiction

Are you likely to get heart disease? Is obesity in your future? Your risk of developing many diseases and health conditions is partly written in your genes.

Worried About Plastic Bottles?

Experts Weigh Possible Health Risks of BP

Cold Fingers and Toes? It Might Be Raynaud’s

When the temperature drops this winter, it’s normal to feel it most in your fingers, toes, ears and nose.

What Makes Your Head Hurt? Tension is the Most Common Culprit

If you suffer from headaches, you’re not alone. Headaches are one of the most common health complaints.

Influenza: Learn to treat and prevent seasonal flu

Flu is a respiratory infection caused by a number of viruses.

Do You Have Symptoms of the Flu?

Flu is a respiratory infection caused by a number of viruses.