The program has operated in King County since 1995 and has expanded gradually to include facilities in South Seattle, West Seattle, Kent and Redmond.
BY CYNTHIA FLASH | October 19, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.

Losing sleep over menopause? Talking on the phone can help!

Like many women going through menopause, Deborah Diamond was struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Hot flashes woke her in the middle of the night, and she often struggled to get back to sleep. “I looked into all kinds of sleep remedies, short of taking hormones or prescription medications,” ...



Just about every minute, a woman dies of heart disease. But the majority of these deaths are avoidable.

Mediterranean Diet: as Prevention and Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Recent research shows that some dietary approaches such as the Mediterranean diet help to prevent, and even treat, Alzheimer’s disease if incorporated early enough. This mostly plant-based diet is relatively easy to stick to as it is more a way of life than a traditional diet.

Dry eye affects most menopausal women; nutrition can help

When most women think of menopausal symptoms, they imagine hot flashes, moodiness and night sweats. But there’s one symptom that’s often forgotten when hormones begin to fluctuate – dry eye. In fact, dry eye affects 61 percent of menopausal women, according to The Huffington Post.


Pecking Out the Benefits of Eggs

April brings opportunities for brunches with family and friends. Why not serve up a healthy dish that includes eggs! A good source of protein and several B vitamins including B12, eggs also contain choline and selenium, all of which are necessary components of a healthy diet.

Learn how to combat symptoms this cold and flu season

Nurse Barb Dehn offers tips on how to get the rest you need to stay healthy this cold, cough and flu season.

Is fresher always better? 4 ways to know your produce

These days, when it comes to produce, the catch words are "local" and "seasonal." Local and seasonal, like fresh and organic, can mean a lot of different things, according to Jim Gallivan, department chair of Culinary Arts at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Atlanta and author ...


Add Variety to your Food Groups

Despite the trends that focus on eliminating entire food groups or severely restrict food choices, research confirms again and again that a balance of foods and inclusion of all macronutrients will bring the best nutrition – the more varied the diet, the better.

Why the next talk you have with your daughter should be about breast health

While breast cancer awareness has greatly increased over the last two decades, a recent national survey found that women and families are not talking enough about breast health. Eighty-seven percent of women said they could talk to their daughters about anything, but less than half said they have actually talked ...


Headache Pain: What To Do When Your Head Hurts

Most of us get headaches from time to time. Some are mild.

Helping Older Adults Talk With Their Doctors

Do you work with seniors?

Lack of flu preparedness: What you need to know to protect your family

(BPT) - In the middle of winter, snowstorms and severe weather might be top of mind, but when was the last time you thought about the flu?

Winter Eye Care: Tips Ways to avoid dangerous foggy conditions

(Family Features) When the cold of winter settles in, it can bring a wide range of problems – especially for individuals who wear glasses.

Sweet Stuff: How Sugars and Sweeteners Affect Your Health

Most of us love sweet foods and drinks.