Re-Think Health

Do you want your child to thrive?

Children or grandchildren? When it comes to health, here’s one area of their education they shouldn’t miss.

Can we be scared into being healthier?

Remember the scary messages to stay away from drugs and smoking? Were they effective? Yes and no. Yet, "fear is not a sustainable motivator" notes Dr. Dean Ornish. What does seem to work is seeing immediate results from behavioral changes.

Good faith

Has your faith ever made a U-turn? This writer's faith re-examination resulted in the end of periodic migraine headaches.

Can we do better than be happy?

Feeling happy is generally a good thing! But what really underlies much of the quest for happiness is an intrinsic desire for recognition of our worth. The happiness crave cannot be satiated without a reasonable understanding of one's own value and the worth of others.

It's as plain as the nose on your face

Or is it? It can be problematic to maintain health when our focus is directed toward all the maladies we are told we are susceptible to. The normal expectations of wellness are lowered dramatically by visions of sickness that we unwittingly reinforce in our thoughts and conversations.

It is not what we say but what we see that heals

Let’s challenge conventional notions that people with #Alzheimer’s are ‘unreachable.’ Seeing others as whole, needed and complete can have a healing effect!

Working for or against your health?

We don't need to get mired in the repetitive cycles of doubt and negativity that promote unhealthy conditions. Be your own health activist!

The universal desire for universal health

Seeking a more divinely inspired perspective on life – one that recognizes Spirit or God and not matter as the true essence of our being – is the ideal prescription for gaining and maintaining sound minds and bodies.

First impressions: a roadmap or a roadblock?

Don't let limiting labels or discouraging first impressions ever become a thought model you adopt as your own. Such dispiriting concepts can act as mental roadblocks from seeing extraordinary possibilities and empowering a full, healthy, productive life!

Confronting the terror of failing health

Whether we’re standing up to a terrorist’s threat on the streets of Paris or refusing to accept as final a prognosis of declining health, we can set the mental wheels in motion – and do a world of good – by affirming, with confidence, we are NOT AFRAID!

Health by the numbers

It has been said that numbers don’t lie. But they certainly don’t give the whole picture when it comes to our quintessence. In fact, non-physical descriptors have a real impact on health.

You quit, you lose - we do too

Society has long been aware that ideas transform thought. But, today, what is also being recognized is that your physical state mirrors your mental state. This is how an adjusted thought can cause an improved physical condition.

New Year’s revelation: Father Time is a liar

Despite today's media emphasis on youth and many erroneous assumptions about age, I feel life is getting better not worse! Writer Eric Nelson agrees and brings out some good points in the following article.

Do brain training games make good Christmas gifts?

Dr. Laura Carstensen, director of Stanford University’s Center on Longevity, notes that there is zero evidence that brain training games can stave off Alzheimer's disease. Yet, there is anecdotal evidence that increased spirituality can reverse such a diagnosis.

LSD and Ecstasy v. prayer: spiritual treatment for mental illness

It’s argued that psychedelic drugs are a great way to reconnect the mentally distressed with their inner self – their spiritual self. Yet, long before psychedelics had been discovered, religious reformer Mary Baker Eddy found that a wholly prayer-based approach to treating mental illness worked best.