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What's the big deal about having low testosterone?

Find out why maintaining testosterone as you age isn’t just about sexual performance, but also about maintaining energy levels and ensuring healthy bones.

Do you have decreased testosterone? Identify the symptoms

Refuse to let low testosterone invade your relationship. Learn to identify the medical complications that follow the natural decrease in male hormone activity.

How smoking could render you impotent

A healthy sex life comes from healthy habits: Quit smoking to reduce your chances of impotence; medical study links smoking to erectile dysfunction.

Senior men and the truth about penis enlargement methods

Male inadequacy is something that you hear about on TV, on the web and in your spam filter. Here's the truth about penis enlargement.

Is testosterone therapy the key to overcoming sexual vitality in men?

Is testosterone therapy the key to overcoming sexual vitality in men?

What are male enhancement supplements and are they safe to take?

Despite a multitude of inaccurate stereotypes, male enhancement products continue to positively impact the sex lives of millions of men.

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The Pros and Cons of Viagra Use

Once you reach a certain age, the question is likely to cross your mind: Should I use Viagra or not? The fact is, Viagra use has become so common today that even the "young pups" -- who we really doubt need it, by the way -- are using it too. However as an older and wiser man, you know that like any medication it has got to have some pros and cons. Here are a few things you might want to consider before you try Viagra.