Find out what recent studies tell us about the survival rate of men who have their prostates removed, as opposed to those who don’t, when cancer is detected.

September 20, 2012 at 4:52 p.m.

Do PSA prostate blood tests do more harm than good?

Medical professionals are at odds regarding the value of PSA testing for men. The prostate blood tests may cause more harm than good.

Too much protein could increase your risk of prostate cancer

Research is being conducted to determine if high protein levels could result in a greater risk of prostate cancer. Learn more about fascinating development.

Prostate cancer and the question of heredity

Find out if your chances are greater at developing prostate cancer if you have a family history of it, and what your options are for early detection.

Eat your veggies: How tomatoes and broccoli fight prostate tumors

Cancer fighting diet stars, tomatoes and broccoli, also shrink dangerous prostate tumors when eaten daily.

Knowing when to seek medical treatment for enlarged prostate symptoms

Learn how to identify the signs of an enlarged prostate emergency, and find out which symptoms are only a normal sign of the wear and tear of age.

What to expect of your yearly prostate exam

Find out what you can expect from your yearly prostate exam, and how critical it is to maintaining prostate health and preventing prostate cancer.

Coping with enlarged prostate symptoms without medication or surgery

Although you should always see a doctor if you’ve got an enlarged prostate, there are methods of reducing symptoms without resorting to surgery.

Getting the vital information about your prostate health

How do you know if you’ve got an enlarged prostate? What are the treatments available? Find out what your options are.