Alzheimer's & Dementia

Mediterranean Diet: as Prevention and Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

Recent research shows that some dietary approaches such as the Mediterranean diet help to prevent, and even treat, Alzheimer’s disease if incorporated early enough. This mostly plant-based diet is relatively easy to stick to as it is more a way of life than a traditional diet.

Dealing with Dementia: When Thinking and Behavior Decline

Forgetfulness, confusion, or having trouble remembering a name or word can be a normal part of life.

Managing the holidays with a loved one who suffers memory loss

(BPT) - The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy when families and friends gather to share each other’s company, revisit fond stories of holidays past and make new memories to last a lifetime.

Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease: Research Aims for Earlier Diagnosis

Do you ever forget where you put your car keys or what you were supposed to pick up at the grocery store?

Memory Loss and the Midlife Couple

The last thing we expected when we found each other was that our journey would include Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fight Alzheimer’s by staying social

Learn what recent studies show about the link between remaining social into your senior years and lowered instances of Alzheimer’s.