The program has operated in King County since 1995 and has expanded gradually to include facilities in South Seattle, West Seattle, Kent and Redmond.
BY CYNTHIA FLASH | October 19, 2021 at 12:00 a.m.


All-Inclusive Care

Even during COVID, Providence ElderPlace has grown to serve 976 participants.


Providence ElderPlace to host Portraits of Providence ElderPlace photography exhibit

These photos by Terry Rogers, M.D., celebrate the beauty of aging.



Can you get benefits if you are living outside the U.S. ?


Add Variety to your Food Groups

Despite the trends that focus on eliminating entire food groups or severely restrict food choices, research confirms again and again that a balance of foods and inclusion of all macronutrients will bring the best nutrition – the more varied the diet, the better.


Why it's important to choose the right executor or trustee

Ensure everything goes “according to plan.”

Take Care of Your Bones!

Maintaining strength and bone health are important to your overall health. Discover how you can help your bones through exercise and nutrition!

Accepting Your Aging Body

Here's what happens when you can't accept the changes that aging brings to your body: you may shun intimate relationships, you may shut down your sexuality, you may see yourself as ugly, and you may avoid activities you would otherwise enjoy.


Author Beth Baker to speak in Seattle on the importance of creating community as we age

"With a Little Help from Our Friends – Creating Community as We Grow Older" draws on experiences from seniors in special communities.

Making memorization fun: Tips and tricks to strengthening your memory

Use tricks and simple tips to improve your memory and to stop your memory from playing tricks on you. Medicare benefits will also pay for some memory improvement programs.

How to help your spouse through menopause without losing your mind

An overview of menopause symptoms and general treatment alternatives for couples. Going through menopause together is the best way to beat menopause and depression.

Say what? How to tell if you are losing your hearing

Determining whether you have hearing loss is now an iPhone away with a free app that will test for hearing loss.

Keeping your brain sharp with dumbbells

Neuroscientists know that exercise is not only good for your muscles; it's also great for increasing brain growth, scoring better on tests and improving memory.

Debunked: More myths about aging

Learn some of the most prevalent myths about growing old and the true facts behind issues like senility, loss of hearing, and maintaining healthy body weight.

Foods to improve your memory

It’s possible to eat your way to improved memory. Find out what five of the most effective memory improving foods are.