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5 Simple Rules to Evolve Past the Hot-Stock List

If you’re a typical small-time investor, chances are you prefer to let a team of analysts fuss about such irksome things as correlation and beta. Maybe you’ve bought a stock because your brother-in-law gave you a hot tip, maybe you heard something about it on a financial news show, or maybe you just loved the company’s product.

5 Women Who Made Me Rich and What They Can Teach You

My grandmother refused to share the heart-wrenching details until I was in the Marine Corps. I’d heard bits and pieces about my ne’er-do-well father but didn’t fully grasp the devastation he’d left behind until Grandmother spilled the story with tears in her eyes:

A Guy Leans on a Lamppost… and You Make a Buck

To paraphrase Scottish novelist Andrew Lang, some people use statistics like a drunk uses lampposts—for support rather than illumination. Numbers can be twisted and abused to support false claims, and even correct data is sometimes misinterpreted.

How to Die in Dignity Without Leaving Your Spouse to Starve

We’d all been waiting for the big day, but the chapel the ceremony took place in was very small—just a room with Christian symbols and a few chairs. My wife Jo's father was waiting for us in his hospital bed, grinning from ear to ear. Despite the feeding tube, he still managed to devour a few bites of our wedding cake.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The “Nuclear Solution” to Underfunded Public Pensions

With few exceptions, state and local pension funds are woefully underfunded. Five heavily populated states—California, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, and Texas—collectively lack $431.5 billion; money that won’t be paid out to hopeful pensioners.

Is It Time to Hide Your Money Under the Mattress?

“I don’t know what to do,” said my good friend Rob after inviting my wife Jo and me to dinner for the third time in two weeks. “I know I should do something. Every time I think about it, it scares the hell out of me! Maybe I should just hide everything under the mattress.”

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Buyer Beware When Using Online Software to Draft Estate Planning Documents

Several websites now allow consumers to create their own estate planning documents. But is that a good idea?

How to Find Junk Bonds That Don’t Stink

When it comes to buying bonds, credit ratings aren't the only thing to consider—because what the bond rating agencies tell you is not the whole picture...

Retirement Guard Duty 101

Constant vigilance is imperative for seniors, savers and income investors. It allows for flexibility in response to market conditions when a coming storm threatens the security of investments. It’s possible to maneuver into a safer position when you know what’s ahead. Learn more about how to gain agility by recognizing political and social changes that could impact your portfolio.

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The Social Security program treats all workers — men and women — exactly the same in terms of the benefits they can receive. But women may want to familiarize themselves with what the program means to them in their particular circumstances.

Do Not Let The Next Downturn Leave You Penniless

Having a good, balanced portfolio means having an investing strategy that brings healthy returns while protecting your nest egg from risk. The best possible way to protect any portfolio is by diversifying. It seems like a mantra to many, but many have never explored how diversification can protect them based on possible, hypothetical situations. We explore that and prove out, once again, that the best way to avoid catastrophic losses is by putting your eggs in many baskets.

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Keeping Fiduciaries Out of Trouble

Fiduciaries hold responsibilities and obligations beyond simple check-the-box tasks.

10 Ways to Screw up Your Retirement

There are many common traps that retirees or soon-to-be-retirees fall into. We’ve laid out the top 10 here to help you avoid these pitfalls. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling into some of these traps – many have. But it’s important to be aware of them and plan accordingly to make sure you have the retirement you’ve planned and worked for.

Learn to Trust Your Own Financial Judgment

Keep this goal in mind as you read on: solid income and growth with minimal risk and no catastrophic losses. Just tuck it in the back of your head.

The Three Stooges Debunk myRA

The mention of a government-backed IRA in Obama’s state of the union address earlier this year may look like a good deal. After all, who wouldn’t want a retirement account with the full backing of the US government? But, despite its fanfare, myRA may not be the right choice for all (any) investors. Read on to see why this new program isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. His finger to his lips as if to say "Shhh!"