School Days

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How "milky" is a Milk Thistle?

School Days

Funny how long-ago ABC days still are remembered,

exciting thrill of learning about Dick, Jane, and Spot—

discovery, art framed adventures—Little Lulu comics.

Her chums, and clubhouse sign: NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

One, two, buckle my shoe—three, four, shut the door.

Numbers, days of the week, months, made a calendar.

Patient teacher guided a left-handed student to print,

no need for circus contortion—twisted or curled wrist,

number two pencil nestled—light as an inked feather.

It might have been fall, or possibly spring, requiring

parents okay, sack lunch, five cents—carton of milk,

to take an educational hike, an outdoor exploration.

Class walked and walked, single file, to a picnic park,

on vacant lot corner, a tall solo plant, milk dribbling

down its stem—an exciting discovery to tell teacher.

I smiled as she showed the class the milkweed thistle.

In classroom, or outdoors, always new things to learn.

I can imagine my parents surprise when that night

I advised, “If we run out of milk let’s find a thistle.”

April Ryan is a timeless poet for our times.

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