Perseverating on an enemy. (Perseverating means obsessing.)

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Perseverating on an enemy. (Perseverating means obsessing.)

1) Name your enemy -- could be one person or a group, for example all SUV drivers are all guys who wear ball caps or people who don't rein in their kids at restaurants, etc. But just choose one person or group at this point and go for somebody (or group) that really bugs you and that you think about disliking with some frequency. (A lot of people are choosing the other political party to perseverate upon.)

2) The thing that bothers me most about my enemy is...?

3) List their "evil deeds" -- What are the horrid traits you hate about this enemy?

4) Now the hard part -- Look for the part of your enemy's behavior that you may need to embrace? We obsess on things that have some valid issue and interest for ourselves. Martha Beck (Joy Diet) says that if you're hating it, there's something about it that has a seed in you. Could it be that you hate SUV drivers because secretly you envy the power and dominance represented by driving a big car...or that their arrogant ignoring of smaller cars on the road reminds you of how you sometimes treat co-workers...or whatever. Do you hate those ball cap guys because a past boyfriend who wore one dumped you or was a slob around the house? Martha Beck says you need to "incorporate aspects of your enemies to attain your desires." An interesting premise to work with and must be true sometimes, at least, as I can see it for myself.

Ariele M. Huff, Washington Aberdonian, analyzes and writes about a lot of things!

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