Crystal Ball

Sharing Stories

To ask or not to ask.


I sometimes wish for a crystal ball,

So I wouldn't have to worry at all.

I'd know what my future held in store;

What waits beyond that golden door.

I could stop all the fretting about tomorrow;

And whether or not it held joy, or sorrow.

There'd be nothing new under the sun,

For I'd already know it before it was done.

I wouldn't need newspapers, books or TV.

I could save all that extra time for me!

Life would be great, without any cares;

No need for daydreams, hopes or prayers.

But; wait! those things give life its worth.

Else why am I sojourning here on Earth?

I really do need those stimulations;

The delicious spice of anticipations.

Maybe it's better for you and me,

If we don't know for certain what is to be.

For the rest of my days on this Old Sod,

I'll leave my future in the hands of God.

Dianne Enger Snell (81) who began writing at ten years old has lived in Hoodsport, Shelton, Quilcene, and Sequim as a Realtor—now residing in Auburn.

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