Dear Readers

Publishers Michelle Roedell (Editor) and Chris Mitchell (Ad Manager) with their assistant Bijou, Mason and Sophie May Watterson, your highly experienced subscription mailing crew, and Production Team—Layout/Design, Jason Reynolds (Production Manager) and Rachel Rudd (Production Coordinator)

The staff at Northwest Prime Time wishes you and your family all the best during these challenging times.

This special edition is dedicated to providing personal perspectives of living during the time of coronavirus, as well as resources to turn to as the virus and social distancing move into the future. You will hear from experts in the community, our regular contributors, special messages from our advertisers and articles by our spring quarter intern, Maddie Smith, who is finishing up her Journalism degree from Western Washington University.

We sincerely hope the “curve” of new cases continues to turn down. But, like you, we are planning for life that may contain more waves of new cases until a vaccine and reliable therapeutics are discovered. With this in mind, we want to provide some ideas of what you can expect from Northwest Prime Time.

Dedicated readers will have noticed that, due to the lockdown, we did not publish a May/June edition as originally planned because many of our distribution locations have been shut down. Our June edition is relying on the many traditional distribution outlets that are still open and on new locations—including newspaper boxes scattered throughout our readership area. In time, when our traditional locations reopen, we hope to return to all the usual distribution sites you’ve come to rely on to find Northwest Prime Time.

As always, our most recent publication is posted on our website: www.NorthwestPrimeTime.com, where you will also find content not published in the printed version of our paper.

We plan to continue publishing Northwest Prime Time six times a year, so look for us again when our July/August issue comes out in early July, and every two months after that.

However—because of the uncertainty of finding reliable distribution outlets should the pandemic return—in the long term we are considering moving toward a more subscription-based publication while still including free pick-up locations. If you are interested in subscribing to Northwest Prime Time for $20 a year, join our survey and let us know by emailing editor@northwestprimetime.com, by calling 206- 824-8600 or drop us a note at PO Box 13647, Seattle WA 98198. NOTE: We hope to find an organization to subsidize subscriptions for those on a limited income but who would still like to receive the paper. Just let us know—our aim is to be available to every interested reader.

We may attempt to become more of an online publication at some point. We would need our tech-savvy readers to invite us to email them each month with a link to our new online edition and other new content. If we build a high enough list of online readers to brag to our advertisers about, we can continue to publish well into the future. This model could be a combination of online readers and those who still pick up the print copies.

Even if someday we had to move to an entirely online publication, we are exploring ways to provide a paper version of Northwest Prime Time for those who like the feel of holding a newspaper in their hands while reading the printed page.

Most importantly, no matter what happens with Northwest Prime Time, we want you to stay safe, stay well and continue demonstrating our motto: to be curious, passionate individuals engaged with the world, to know that living past age 50 means that you are living in the prime time of your lives.

Warm regards from Northwest Prime Time.