Is Staying in Their Home Really the Best Choice for Retirees?

Often times not, says Financial Consultant Penelope Tzougros in her new book, Your Home Sweet Home

Photo courtesy of Kirkus Review.

When asked, many retirees express a strong preference for staying in their home as long as possible. After all, it is often where they raised their children and is located near their faith community and familiar shopping spots. In her new book, Your Home Sweet Home, financial planner Penelope Tzougros helps people dispassionately evaluate whether staying put or going makes the best economic sense.

“Obviously, housing is a complex problem, and where to live in retirement is a very personal choice, so this manual neither simplifies nor minimizes the various aspects of this matter,” according to a book review by Kirkus Review.

Tzougros (pronounced Sue-grows) shares the stories, insights, fears and clever solutions her clients made when facing the same dilemma. She also presents analytical tools, worksheets and a Decision Guide to create a step-by-step process for sorting out fears, facts and finances.

“Ultimately,” she says, “this is not a real estate decision but a decision about what retirees need to have the best life possible.” She adds, “And the reality is that when a house’s maintenance costs are draining people’s savings, it is no longer an asset.”

Extensively interviewed on TV, radio and in print, Tzougros produced and directed the television show Money Makeover. She has worked with thousands of retirees and is known for her ability to explain complicated financial concepts with elegant simplicity. She discusses:

• How to figure out if your home is the cheapest place you can live.

• Calculating the relative costs of different housing options – and why almost everyone makes critical miscalculations.

• The biggest mistakes seniors make when considering whether to stay in their home or move.

• Whether you stay or move, critical timing mistakes to avoid.

• The true and hidden costs of moving vs. maintaining your house.

• How to move beyond your inevitable fears and discover clever solutions that can serve your long-term interests.

“Part of the strength of the book is its heavy reliance on numerous stories of retirees facing and making different decisions about housing based on their own unique circumstances,” said the Kirkus book review.

Praise for Your Home Sweet Home

“This is What Color is Your Parachute for our generation as we reach retirement!” — Judy Jose-Roddy, executive director, Sophia Snow Place Senior Living Community

“Penelope’s book is like a trusted friend leading you by the hand through the dark corridor of fear into the comforting light of a brand new adventure.” — Bill Heiges, author of Aging with Attitude and founder of the Aging with Attitude Movement

“A must-read for those pondering the questions of retiring from work and planning their next living arrangements. You may be surprised at your options.”— Dorothy Drago, consumer product safety consultant and author of Living Safely, Aging Well

About the Author

Penelope S. Tzougros, Ph.D., ChFC, CLU, is a Financial Consultant, author, speaker and founder of Wealthy Choices®, a Registered Investment Advisor. Although she is based in Boston, she is registered in all 50 states and offers securities and advisory services through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. In addition to Your Home Sweet Home, she is the author of Wealthy Choices: The Seven Competencies of Financial Success and Long-term Care Insurance: How to Make Decisions That Are Right for You. Tzougros holds a master’s degree from Harvard, a doctorate from the University of Toronto, and has taught at Northeastern University and Hellenic College.