“Being Alert, Aware, and In Control One Day at a Time”

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Cairn art: You can't effectively stack rocks when you're stressed!

“Being Alert, Aware and In Control One Day at a Time”

Shutting off debilitating self-imposed stress with positive response poetry.

The value of positive response practical poetry: A personal account: It was a poem by Edgar A. Guest, “Cares,” that inspired and motivated me to graduate university with a BA and MA in vocational education. In addition, the inspiration and motivation from that poem “Cares” rescued me from self-pity and insecurity as I struggled to survive and thrive teaching in an inner-city school system. To read “Cares” go to https://www.fivestarteacher.com/redeeming-value-poetry/.

Why is engaging positive response poetry important to your wellbeing and wellness? In our current world of fast ongoing change, managing and maintaining a sense of contentment, happiness, joy, meaning and purpose, can be an overwhelming challenge. Self-imposed stress is a common malady that seems to be habitually practiced everywhere we look these days, doesn’t it? With overwhelming political and social angst going on in our lives and around the world, failure to engage positive response attitudes and habits can lead to self-imposed debilitating stress.

Where to find positive response poetry? Whenever that is the need for you, try engaging positive response practical poetry at https://www.fivestarteacher.com/strategies-for-mental-health-and-relaxation-from-stress-and-uncertainty/. Engaging positive response practical poetry will help you stay alert, aware and in control over self-imposed debilitating stress to your health and wellbeing. Check out: https://www.fivestarteacher.com/there-aint-a-horse-thats-never-been-rode/.

If you can write a letter, you too have the potential to write a practical poem!

In retirement, I continue being a positive-response-practical-educator. For the common good, I have created and developed a self-inspiring and self-motivating poetry formula to share with others. At www.fivestrteacher.com you’ll also find some tutorial assistance to help you write positive response practical poetry for yourself. Hopefully you will also share your positive response poetry with others for the common good. Thank you.

Creating readable, understandable, and doable poetry to shut off debilitating stress!

The six stanza poetry that you’ll find at www.fivestarteacher.com was created by combining a Taxonomy of Learning with the six stanza classical Villanelle poetry formula. The resulting pattern helps you create readable, understandable, positive response practical poetry to help you resist the effects of ongoing change to your Biological, Economic, Social, and Spiritual sense of wellbeing and wellness.

Blooming Bobville positive response practical poetry formula:

The Blooming Bobville formula can also help you produce a kind of poetry that inspires and motivates others to build knowledge, understanding and skills for breaking the self-defeating habits of self-imposed stress that can destroy one’s sense of meaning, purpose, identity, place in society, contentment, happiness and joy of life and living. Caveat: If you have practiced self-defeating attitudes and habits for a long time, you may have to practice patience, persistence, and perseverance with positive response practical poetry for the same length of time to shut off those negative response attitudes and habits. Please persevere. It is worth it for yourself and for the common good.

I wish you the best of luck as you develop and practice the arts of self-help positive response poetry to resist self-stressing attitudes, habits, and thoughts that drag you down.

© 2019 by Blooming Bobville the Positive Response Practical Poet: And may you always be aware, alert, in control, and blooming, day by day!

Bob Barta in his poetry garden: On his practical poetry blog he is, “Blooming Bobville the positive response practical poet.”

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