Sharing Stories


Skilled archer, your arrow found its mark.

It pierced my unsuspecting heart

and left it bleeding there.

Deceiving cherub, you sent the pangs

of love into my breast:

an agony that I must bear.

No sword can penetrate my armor.

No adversary do I fear.

But deep inside this tortured soul

how fragile is my shield.

Your tiny arrow pricks my heart

and causes it to yield.

I fight with all my strength

to keep from falling

as many helpless mortals fell before.

You draw your bow and I quiver.

I cannot tell you why

for in my heart, my greater fear

is that you'll pass me by.

Rinald Steketee, a long-time resident of Fircrest, Washington who served 20 years in the Navy, enjoys writing about that and writing/illustrating children’s books and eBooks.


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