Christmas Memory

Good memories are made of many things.


I remember Mom pouring Joy

dishwashing liquid, making bubbles

like cover the tub ornamental snow.

That night before Christmas, we hung

a stocking by the welcoming door, no

chimney for Santa’s rooftop entrance.

I remember when I slid into a bubbly tub,

toes pointed, hoping to touch the faucet

—December 23rd birthday “big girl” wish—

but not that soapy eve, maybe next year.

Lacking patience, I blew sudsy bubbles off

fingertips, glittering balls danced in the air.

I remember when I heard footsteps echo

on the roof, “Ho, ho, ho,” sang in the air.

Momma flew out of the bathroom, bells

jingled. She returned declaring, “Santa

and his reindeer are on the roof.” Towel

drying excitement—front door slammed.

I remember when I saw a dollhouse, with little

lamps lit in furnished rooms—dream come true.

Momma said, “I think Santa stopped on our roof

first because he knew Daddy had to go to work.”

I couldn’t wait to tell the kids at school, our house

had to be Santa’s first stop. Oh, what a Christmas!

April Ryan is a retired Seattle Metro driver and an actively working writer/poet.

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