Diana Couture

Rose & Dawn Contributor

Diana Couture, author of "The ongoing life-affirming adventures of Rose and Dawn" at one of her family's traditional Italian dinners... note the hopeful chihuahua.

...by Nicole Martinson

The Ongoing Life-Affirming Adventures of Rose and Dawn was inspired by Diana Couture’s aunt and her aunt’s best friend. This colorful column was born when she set about telling these dear octogenarians’ true-life experiences. Diana's entertaining Italian family continues to inspire her to write; the stories literally come from what happens to Diana, her friends and family. She loves the reward of seeing words from her head in print. Reading is a passion of Diana’s, especially Sherlock Holmes. She is a member of a Sherlock Holmes society in Seattle called “The Sound of the Baskervilles.” Diana worked in public relations and advertising with a major communications company for most of her career. For the last 10 years she has worked as a shipping manager for a steel factory. “I love American business. It fascinates me every day.” Though she is not yet an octogenarian like Rose and Dawn, she says she thinks like one, “And I think that's a great way to think.” Diana lives in a mother-in-law apartment with her daughter and family. “My six-year-old grandson makes my day when he comes to my apartment just to say good morning and give me a kiss to start the day.”