June 6, 1944

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June 6, 1944

By Pat Freeberg

He was only a boy when he went to war,

just over seventeen.

Someone that young should never behold

the things that he had seen.

Leaving the boats, laden with gear,

wading in water so deep there was fear.

Seeing the shells exploding all around,

shattering the quiet and smashing the ground.

His fellow soldiers, all were afraid,

of water, and bullets, and enemy grenades.

Seeing them hit and falling to the ground

some he could help, some others never found.

It was a time of horror, man’s inhumanity to man,

but he had no choice, on this ground he must stand.

So that others may have the chance to decide

if they would fight for the right or for the other side.

He fought for three days on that battleground,

spent the rest of the war in a German compound.

But he stood up for his country, his family and friends

and did the best he could until that terrible war ends.

Pat Freeberg is a retired Executive Secretary living in University Place.

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