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Connie at Writing & Publishing group, Greenwood Senior Center


I have been away from the church and writing for so long, I should have a million things to write. I have already written about hospital food. I truly don’t want to think about that. The only really good food I had was when my daughter, Mary ordered from PF Changs and I snarfed that down like I would never eat again, which was almost true. [Connie had a malignant colon tumor and then pneumonia.]

Other than the food, my stay with Swedish First Hill was good—boring but nice. I always thought that being awakened for a sleeping pill was a joke. I must have been awakened five times a night to take medication, give blood, and to be asked if I was comfortable and able to sleep. I am here—thanks to all of them.

Many years ago, I had a mastectomy. The scar did not please me at all. I wanted something different, so my grandson suggested I get a tattoo. Hot dog! Off I went with him and my daughter to get a zipper drawn over my scar. I have had more fun with doctors and nurses. Some don’t know what to say so keep quiet and others that say “What the deuce?” and just howl. The most classic one was when I went back to see the surgeon for a post op checkup. As he was walking out the door, he turned and said, “By the way, I really like your zipper.”

PS When I was down, and it was hard to see up, the cards and notes I received made it easier to climb the wall. Thank you all for your prayers, which now I believe in more than ever.

Connie Campbell is a longtime Seattleite and member of the Greenwood Senior Center’s Writing and Publishing group (Thursdays 1:15 to 3:15pm).

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