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See beauty in the barren hills

majesty in the mountains,

solace in the starry nights—

waterfalls and fountains.

Find energy in wild waters,

serenity in still seas.

Appreciate the artistry

of bright flowers, lofty trees.

Listen to the song of birds.

Hear music in the leaves.

Search out the songs of life

in nature’s symphonies.

Learn from the lessons of the past.

Apply them to the present.

Enjoy the loveliness of life.

Strive for the quintessence.

Open the windows of the mind

Seek the highest goal.

Look within your quiet self,

Find fulfillment of the soul.

Yvonne DeWitt Belshaw is a 97-year old author, artist, and community activist born in Everett, WA and currently living in West Seattle. Among others, Yvonne’s awards include first place in a PNWC Editor’s Award for Playwriting, as well as two Haiku Contest awards from the Japan-America Society.

SHARING STORIES is a weekly column for and about the 50 plus crowd living in the Puget Sound region. Send your stories and photos to ariele@comcast.net. Tell local or personal stories; discuss concerns around aging and other issues; share solutions, good luck, and reasons to celebrate; poems are fine too. Pieces may be edited or excerpted. We reserve the right to select among pieces. Photos are always a plus and a one-sentence bio is requested (where you live, maybe age or career, retired status, etc.).

SHARING STORIES is featured on www.northwestprimetime.com, the website for Northwest Prime Time, a monthly publication for baby boomers, seniors, retirees, and those contemplating retirement. The newspaper can be found in the greater Seattle area and other Puget Sound locations. For more information, call 206-824-8600 or visit www.northwestprimetime.com. To find other SHARING STORIES articles on this website type "sharing stories" in the search function above.

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