We Need to Move!

If you are contemplating a downsize from your long-time family home to a condo, apartment or retirement community, you’ve probably wondered if you should move out first or stay put during the preparation and marketing process.

From my experience as a fulltime Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), the easiest and most profitable way for sellers to accomplish this “once in a lifetime” endeavor is to move on to your next residence and let your SRES properly prepare your home for sale. Here are my reasons why:

1.It’s best to make your next housing decision without being under the time pressure of a real estate closing date. Start shopping around today to learn what all of your senior living options are and visit the locations that are appealing and make the most sense. You will make a much more informed decision and will have many more options if you shop around and make a commitment first as opposed to having to find your next location within a 30-45 day escrow closing period once your home sells. Get out there and start touring now!

2.To achieve the highest sale price for your home in this crazy market in King County, there are a number of home preparation steps that should take place, and all of them start with a vacant property.

• Deep cleaning inside and out including windows and carpets (I like to call this “Q-Tip Clean”).

• A pre-inspection will be conducted to address any material defects. Crawl space and attic are the main concerns and need to be addressed immediately if the inspector feels there is a problem.

• “Pottery Barn” style staging. Renting modern furniture for the home, at a very modest investment, will improve the photos for the internet listing and give older homes a more contemporary feel. These actions are designed to make today’s buyer feel comfortable making an offer on your home.

  1. Another reason to move first is the inconvenience of showings and public open houses. If your home is in a desirable, family-oriented neighborhood (as most of them are in King County), the buyer traffic could be overwhelming. The expectation is that the owner will vacate for all showings and open houses. Tidying up for these real estate “interruptions” is hard enough for younger families let alone for seniors, particularly those experiencing limited mobility. Leaving the home multiple times per day will quickly become an untenable situation.



Kirk Vaux

Every seller‘s circumstances are different and should be handled as such. For more information on this subject, don’t miss one of Kirk’s upcoming downsizing presentations.

His next event is scheduled for the Lake Hills Public Library, 15590 Lake Hills Blvd in Bellevue on Tuesday,

October 24th from 1:30 to 2:30pm. Please register at by calling 206-850-4570.

Kirk Vaux is a Senior Real Estate Specialist at Windermere Real Estate/East. Join him for his next event on Tuesday, October 24 from 1:30 to 2:30pm for a free presentation on downsizing from your long-time family home. The presentation will include information on sorting, packing and liquidation of your possessions. You will also learn about the current real estate market, how to prepare for selling your home and information on senior housing options. The presentation takes place at the Lake Hills Public Library, 15590 Lake Hills Blvd in Bellevue. Seating is limited – call 206-850-4570 to reserve your seat.

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