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April Ryan | Mar 17, 2017, 9:13 a.m.
Lifelong overtones of Leprechauns for April.


Born weighing an Irish lucky seven-eleven,

winning numbers in a crapshoot beginning.

A pink bundle screams wordless demands,

tones magically receive psychic responses.

All wishes red-carpet care granted at home,

challenging expectations outside the door,

world mysteries grow puzzling discoveries.

A grandfather waved goodbye to Ireland

stepping on Ellis Island leaving an “O” behind

to mask changing identity, blending a new

pitched accent to find a pot of gold formed

at the end of rainbow streets edged in clover.

School days celebrated a saint named Patrick

removed snakes from an emerald hued island.

Whispering grasses help find four-leaf clovers

granting a gift of seven days good fortune.

A two dollar tee-shirt worn in summer.

Four-leaf clover centered, words state

KISS ME I’M IRISH. Morning smiles

faded through a traffic-jammed day.

Long line crawled to a cheerless cashier,

monotone declaring, “I’ll ring up your

purchase, but I won’t kiss you.”

Surprised, a finger pointed to my shirt.

Forgotten slogan brightened our day.

April Ryan is a retired Seattle bus driver who loves to write and writes about love.

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