Finding your healthy heartbeat

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“It dawned on me that I had it backward. If freedom was really a part of my nature, then I could start acting that way now and expect the body, as they say, to ‘get with the program’; to ‘follow suit’; to ‘get in line’ with the spiritual facts. I didn’t need to take unnecessary risks, but I could insist that my freedom wasn’t an abstract concept—it was mine to experience right then,” Lindsay wrote.

Inspired by this idea, Lindsay got out of bed and went to help her husband fix dinner. Before she got to the kitchen, she felt completely free. She wrote, “No more fear, and no more racing heartbeat. I was so grateful—I didn’t dance, but I could have!”

Lindsay explained that the condition briefly tried to make a comeback a few months later, but she stood by what she had spiritually discerned and, again, the body got in line with the spiritual facts.

She concluded, “That issue has never again returned in the decade or so since.”

Fourth measure: You can find your rhythm

Waves break, drums are beaten, and we thrive because Principle establishes the profound harmony and health that physical functions and formations only hint at.

Because divine Principle is ever-present and constantly expressed, the rhythms of our lives can be affirmed as safe and sound in God’s care.


Keith Wommack is a syndicated health blogger and a Christian Science teacher and practitioner. This post was originally published on the Houston Chronicle. Follow him on twitter @keithwommack.

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