Joy: A Positive Attitude That Heals!

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Juxtaposed: Bob's photo of a lovely flower snuggled next to rocks. What lesson can we learn from that? Bob Barta

Joy: A Positive Attitude That Heals!

The purpose of this poem is to encourage the practice of positive response for your wellness and well being.

The experience of joy,

helps you heal away loss, sadness and sorrow and

is essential to good health and well being.

Joy is the experience of great delight.

It scares away daunting and threatening fright.

You can find joy in other’s success.

Their joyful spirits can help you sweep away any mess.

Joy is Cheerfulness in motion.

It’s as soothing as a healing lotion.

Joy is everywhere in creation.

It’s in moonlight, music—all natural sensations.

In conclusion, joy is all around.

Open your eyes and wear its crown.

As you live your days adopt, adapt, and adjust to experience joy.

It’s as essential as the cheer one gets from a childhood toy ;-)

Bob Barta

To add value to this poem about joy, please reread and add your own

meanings and understanding for each stanza.

Thank you for engaging in the art of joy.

Someday, I may need the sunshine of your smile of joy.

The author’s interpretation of the stanzas:

  1. Joy is a personal experience that elevates your wellness and well being.
  2. Joy is a magical invisible potion that lifts your spirits while turning sadness inside-out.
  3. Whenever you feel somewhat down, look around and take a ride on other people’s joy wagon to help you trigger your own feelings of glee.
  4. You use skin lotion to soothe on the outside while joy is a healing lotion for the inside. Use it generously and often.
  5. Seek joy in simple things: a friendly greeting, the sound of laughter, the dancing of trees and tall grasses in a breeze, a silly remark. Joy is here and there; it’s everywhere, and that’s where you’ll find it.
  6. Joy has unique causes and effects that mysteriously engage and enable control of unique personal conditions for wellness and well being.

Robert J. Barta

Shoreline resident, Bob Barta (retired teacher) is an amateur photographer and author of practical poems for teens and teachers.

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