Easy Ways for Families to Save

Easy Ways for Families to Save think stock photos

The average family is always looking for ways to save a little bit of cash. While some efforts to save money may seem small and insignificant, it’s beneficial to look at the big picture. By saving here and there where you can, the amount can really start to add up.

From eating out less often to selling unwanted items in a garage sale, there are many ways to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Here are several ideas for families who wish to be wiser with their dollars:

Cut back on entertainment

Do you have a cable package with all the bells and whistles? Is your entire family on a first-name basis at the local movie theater? Consider reducing your entertainment expenses and opt instead for less expensive, family-friendly activities, such as camping trips, hiking adventures or visiting a free art gallery. These activities are typically more enriching on a physical, intellectual and emotional level and increase family bonding — which is always a great thing.

Reap the rewards

From grocery store chains that offer gasoline discounts to clothing retailers who offer special member incentives, rewards programs provide truly great perks for families trying to save some dough. Even popular search engines are joining in on the fun of rewarding members for their loyalty. For example, when people sign in to their Microsoft Account to search for anything on Bing.com, they can earn Bing Rewards credits. These credits can be redeemed for everything from airline miles, gas points, summer blockbuster entertainment and gift cards to major retailers and restaurants. On average, people can earn credits worth the equivalent of more than one coffee per month with Bing Rewards.

Buy used

From clothing to cars, you can typically find a gently used version of something you need at a much better price. Look for specialty stores who sell used video games for the little ones. Or, if you’re in the market for furniture or unique gifts, the local antique dealer or flea market is a great place to check out.

Get rid of unused items

Encourage every family member to clean out their drawers, closets and spaces to get rid of things they no longer use. Start a yard sale or take the items to a consignment shop to earn extra cash. You can also donate the items to a local charity for a tax deduction. If you find that sentimental attachment keeps you holding on to too many items, ask yourself if the item has been used within the last six months. If it hasn’t, that usually means it’s time to let it go.

Travel smart

Adjusting to a budget doesn’t mean you have to cut out the many joys of traveling. For a fun weekend getaway, look for camping sites at the local state park. If roughing it isn’t your thing, there are many websites that showcase rooms or homes you can rent for vacation. These options are usually run by the homeowner and offer an affordable and unique alternative to a mundane and often overpriced hotel room.