Writing Group Has Two Open Spots

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Sweet as candy: Praise and feedback on your writing!

Writing Group Has Two Open Spots

The Writer’s Round Table at Edmonds Senior Center has two open spots for writers who are working on projects: novels, memoirist books, nonfiction books, short stories, poetry, or feature articles for publishing or personal use (memoirs, memorials, business writing).

We keep the group small (around six or seven) and split the time equally at each meeting. Members are able to get quality feedback and to complete projects faster and cheaper than with an individual editor. Work on marketing tools like queries, submissions, and book proposals are often done. Resources for contests, publishing opportunities, and self-publishing are provided. People in this group finish projects to a high quality level and get published.

Leader, Ariele M. Huff: Columnist and freelance writer since 1979, writing instructor and conference speaker since 1982, pre-publication book editor (including fiction and nonfiction like the LA Times Outstanding Travel Book of 2002 and for the re-write of The Pea-Pod Kids Pop-Up Book, a Christmas best seller in ’86, and Allah’s Garden, 2009), and editor for over a dozen magazines, journals, and newspapers since 1980. 2002-2007: Senior Editor of American Road magazine which rated Mr. Magazine’s “Top 30.” Her columns Poetry Corner and Writing Corner appear in Northwest Prime Time News, her articles & a blog appeared on an e-zine—http://www.barefoot-running.us/. Her e-books The Queen of Mean, and The Perks of Aging: Blessings, Silver Linings, & Convenient Half-Truths are carried by lulu.com, also available in paperback. Ariele has hosted and produced radio programs and served as Acquisitions Manager for a regional publisher.

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EDMONDS SENIOR CENTER 220 Railroad Ave, Edmonds 206-361-6733

Writer’s Round Table 8/15, 8/22, 9/5 (Fridays) 12:45-3pm $12 per session

Work on your life story, a novel, poetry, or any project you’d like to have critiqued.

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