SET FOR JUNE 27 through June 30 IN LACEY, Wash

The Jazz Fest takes place June 27 through June 30 in Lacey, Washington

The stages are set and the dancing floors are in place for all those tapping toes to enjoy the “Greatest” America’s Classic Jazz Festival, at St Martins University’s Marcus Pavilion in Lacey, WA from June 27 through June 30, 2013. Set in the shadows of beautiful majestic Mt. Rainer, this University campus is where jazz lovers can hear and dance to the music of 13 favorite and leading circuit jazz bands.

Guest artists include:

BUCK CREEK REUNION JAZZ BAND: BUCK CREEK JAZZ BAND IS BACK! For thirty years this band was a favorite on festival goers across the country, appearing at all the major Traditional Jazz Festivals from Clearwater, FL to Olympia, WA and San Diego, CA to Essex CT. They were a regular participant on Jazz Sea Cruises for 25 years, and produced twenty five recordings during their thirty-three year history. Slipping out of retirement the band is now appearing as a “reunion “band. They brought the house down in Chattanooga in 2012, and we expect them to do the same at America’s Classic Jazz Festival this year.

TOM HOOK & HIS TERRIERS: In 1987 Tom and Eddie Metz were founding members of the Black Dog Jazz Band, as association that led over the years to appearances in most of the major Traditional Jazz Festival s in the US, as well as multiple tours of Europe and in 1989 tour of Communist China, Bobby Durham joined the group in 1990. During that time they formed a splinter group. The Terrier Brothers. The Terriers are glad to announce the addition of a fourth long lost “brother”, the fabulous Eddie Erickson for the 2013 season. This is an act you will not want to miss!!

WALLY’S WAREHOUSE WAIFS: The interesting thing about the Wally’s lineup is that you have been enjoying these individuals musicians for years. They have all been notable sidemen in some of “Traditional Jazz” most popular bands. Their extraordinary talents secured their positions and were vital in establishing their groups as favorites on the Trad Circuit. With the exception of young Mr. Henry, they’ve all been playing around the circuit for much of the last half of the 20th century. With their varied backgrounds and experience, they bring a level of entertainment to the stage unseen in most bands. Each is masters of their instrument(s) and excels in the art of improvising and creativity; their repertoire is limitless; and they are genuinely fun guys!

WEST END: For the past 38 years, The West End Jazz Band has recreated the classic jazz music that typifies the 1920s and 1930s using original arrangements and instrumentation that is true to the style of the era. The band was organized by Mike Bezin, who had a great love for early jazz. The repertoire of the West End Jazz Band consists of a broad representation of the music of this golden age: hot and sweet dance and jazz. This was back in the days when jazz was the music of the day and permeated America’s popular songs. Come enjoy jazz from the era where it all began with The West End jazz Band.

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