Childproofing your backyard for the grandkids

Make sure that your backyard is clear of unforeseen danger by checking off every item on our home safety check list.

Do you remember how eagerly you looked forward to visiting your grandparents when you were a child? Now that the tide has turned and it's your up-at-bat for being the much adored grandparent, you're going to want to make sure that your domicile isn't only fun for the grandkids, but also safe from hidden dangers. Positive that your backyard is already a safe haven and a perfect example of child safety at home? Make sure by checking off every item on our home safety check list.

  1. A fenced in backyard. Even if you're going to be keeping the grandkids within sight the entire time, it's always a smart idea to ensure that your backyard is adequately fenced in to keep strangers or roving dogs at bay. Also, make sure that your fence is in good condition and is free of splinters or sharp edges that could injure a child.
  2. Barricade your pool, if you've got one. You may not want to bring your grandchildren into your pool until they've reached a certain age. Until then, never turn them loose to play in your backyard unless you've installed a childproof gate or other barricade that will ensure they can't get within walking distance of your swimming pool.
  3. Place plastic coverings on all outdoor electrical outlets. This will prevent your grandchildren from accidentally performing their own painful and potentially lethal science lessons.
  4. Make sure all chemicals and lawn fertilizer are securely locked up and out of reach. Children love to explore and sometimes it's easy for us to forget a container of weed killer hiding just around the corner. Go through your backyard and be sure to remove all harmful chemicals.
  5. Don't leave out landscaping any landscaping equipment that your grandkids could easily stumble into. A gardening hoe may not be especially dangerous in the hands of someone with a developed green thumb, but in the grip of a child they can turn into severely harmful implements.
  6. Make shoes a requirement. Even the most carefully combed backyard can house small dangers that can lead to injury for kids racing around in their bare feet. As a precaution, always make sure your grandkids are wearing protective footwear.

Taking the time to rid your backyard of unseen dangers can go a long way to ensuring that your grandchildren associate their time at your home with pleasant thoughts instead of inevitable boo-boos. Make use of our home safety check list to protect your grandkids from harm.

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