First, health care excellence

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Imagine the Pony Express riders who delivered messages from the far reaches of point A to point B in around nine days. The model delivery system at that time was horse-powered, not digital. We look back and see over time the effect of a higher ideal to break through the practice of conventional minds and improve the system step by step.

It's easy to think that all things will eventually change, and maybe get better, over time. But time itself isn't the change agent. Having a higher thought model, an ideal of excellence in all aspects of health care, is the first step toward improving today's health care system and our own health practices.

Just down the road from Harvard Medical School, and about a century after it opened, Mary Baker Eddy commented to an audience about a cornerstone of her health care practice, that healthy living is underpinned by healthy thinking. She said in part:

"We are all sculptors, working out our own ideals, and leaving the impress of mind on the body as well as on history and marble, chiseling to higher excellence, or leaving to rot and ruin the mind's ideals."

It might seem like it's asking a lot to change one's ideals to excellence given the reports about health care today. But that's just the point. Meaningful improvement will ultimately follow having higher aims and ambitions, which are things that we can all have, and that we can all stick with, starting now.


Russ Gerber is a syndicated health blogger and a Christian Science teacher and practitioner. This post was originally published on HuffingtonPost.com. Follow him on twitter @russgerber.

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