Renewing your vows abroad: A checklist of things to do

Destination wedding travel abroad for your vow renewal ceremony.

Many couples choose to renew their vows to reflect on where they have been as a couple or even to celebrate their special 25 th or 50 th wedding anniversaries together. Destination wedding travel is a popular choice for vow renewal ceremonies so couples can have a unique celebration while spending time with their guests who can enjoy getting away on a fun vacation. Rrenewing your vows on a tropical island getaway, a European train vacation, or other popular destination wedding travel location is the absolute perfect way for a memorable event for all.

Your celebration can be as casual, sophisticated, dramatic, or unique as you would like. If you didn't have a fancy wedding, you may opt for all the bells and whistles of a traditional church wedding. If you have already "been there and done that" you may want to try something more unique such as renewing your vows on board while enjoying a European train vacation where all of the food, alcohol, transportation, and lodging are available on board.

Checklist for Renewing Your Vows Abroad

  • No License Required -- T he renewal of your wedding vows is not a legal ceremony so a license and legal paperwork is not required. It is basically a ceremony of your choice without all of the legal mumbo-jumbo. Relax and enjoy!
  • Who to Invite -- Much like your real wedding day, there is the task of deciding who to invite to your vow renewal ceremony. Obviously you have to consider who will even be able to make the trip to your desired destination and what costs you will be covering for those guests.
  • Location -- For a stress free ceremony and reception, choose a location abroad that can do it all! Let them arrange the flowers, food, entertainment, etc. so you don't have to worry about planning from far away and can focus on having fun!
  • Group Discount - Once you have decided on the destination and/or location for your vow renewals, try to secure a group deal for travel, accommodations, and any other activity or your wedding group will utilize during their time abroad to save you and your guests money.

Renewing your wedding vows can be a wonderful experience for you as a couple as well as your children, grandchildren, family and friends who were not able to see you get married so many years ago.

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