How High or Low is your Blood Sugar, Sugar?

Seattle boomer learns she has type 2 diabetes at age 59

“I have Diabetes Type 2? “ I asked my endocrinologist with great surprise in my voice. I knew that I had high blood sugar, thanks to the side effect of a medication I was currently taking. I even had a blood sugar meter, and faithfully took my blood sugar content at least three times a week. The doctor offered to put me on a blood sugar medication, yet my insurance refused to pay for it. Believe me, I knew that I was in good company, for Tom Hanks, “Mr. Back to Back Academy Awards” recently found out he had Diabetes, Type 2.

“I dream dreams that never were and say, Why not?” George Bernard Shaw My primary care doctor informed me that I could manage my high blood sugar without medication with lots of exercise and watching my sugar intake. Also I was to count carbohydrates, like those found in potatoes, bread and pretzels, for carbohydrates are turned into sugar by the body. Now, I take my blood sugar glucose on a daily basis. I feel much lighter not eating sugary things like brownies, cookies and pecan pie. I even found an ice cream that only has five grams of sugar! How it all works is one can take one’s blood sugar glucose before a meal. If the blood glucose level is 110 and below, one should be feeling really good. Usually, one takes the blood glucose levels one hour after a meal. If the level is 140 and below, this shows one is following good dietary guidelines.

Susan is a Steel Magnolia

It is so strange that in a drama class I took at Bellevue community college, I played the role of a Type 1 diabetic from a scene from the movie, Steel Magnolias. I played the Julia Roberts part. To prepare for the role, my drama teacher had me read a book on diabetes. To clarify things, I must point out that Diabetes Type 1 is diagnosed when one has an Insulin deficiency. The symptoms are excessive thirst, constant hunger, and going to the bathroom more than usual. In one scene, Julia Roberts has some kind of convulsion due to low blood sugar. She is given something sugary to eat so her blood sugar will go to a more comfortable level.

A New Beginning

Do I miss having sugary things to eat all the time? I must admit, a little bit! Yet, I know I must continue on my healthful regime to avoid any long term complications of heart disease, strokes, my eyesight being affected, kidney failure, and poor circulation. Good news; I had a small piece of pecan pie at Thanksgiving. I took my blood glucose when I got home, and a respectable level showed up on my meter. What would my dear departed Mother have to say about this? I can see her smiling from Heaven, and she would say some words attributed to John Donne, a famous philosopher. “A man’s reach should accede his grasp, or what’s a Heaven for”

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