Eating healthy this holiday is eating low calorie, nutritious foods

Looking forward to the holidays, delicious treats available during the holidays are almost impossible to pas up. Mouth-watering foods are everywhere and in abundance and everyone wants you to taste their recipes. This is a challenge for eating smart and healthy this holiday season.

Low calorie dishes

Eating smart and healthy during the holiday season is a cinch if you remember not to starve yourself before a big meal. Eat vegetable filled omelets, yogurt and salads, keeping a balance on eating out of starvation. Sitting at a table filled with food is as bad as going into a grocery store hungry.

Cooking oils

The oils used when cooking foods can add calories to food and some are far worse than others. Olive oils are best and it takes very little added to foods to cook them. If you are willing, stop cooking with oils. They are very high in calories and many dishes cook up nicely without them. Broil or use substitute, applesauce or bananas add interesting flavoring to foods and they are healthier.


If you are reasonably healthy, the trick to staying that way during the holidays is to eat in portions. The eyes desire foods you love, once you have tasted them, you will discover your appetite is usually satisfied. Decide you will limit your consumption to one piece of pie rather than having a second helping. Add a little exercise to these meals and you will leave the holidays perhaps in better shape than you entered.

Eat before You Go

It may sound senseless but eating a little yogurt or a little turkey before attend a big party is a great way to keep a diet and save the pounds. When eating out you never really know what is in food, there is no way to say how many calories are in dressings, oils or other ingredients but if you eat a dish from your kitchen and eat less party foods you will have an excellent chance of eating healthy during the holidays.

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