How not to let a mastectomy ruin your love life

A mastectomy does not have to mean the end of your love life. Losing a breast is not what love or sex is all about in the first place. A loving partner will help you celebrate life.

If there is a history of breast cancer in your family tree or your DNA test for BRCA mutation indicates that you will develop breast cancer, you would naturally have some concerns about how a mastectomy might ruin your love life. Many a married woman has experienced this problem and asked their doctors, friends and others for "help with my marriage." The right way to think about this is to look at the whole picture of your love life; breasts are not the whole picture, but only a part of it.

Yes, it is tragic and psychologically stressful. So much emphasis in society has been placed upon the glory that is attributed to breasts. Breasts nurture babies, entice the opposite sex, and they are one of the most significant parts of the female figure. That said, if you have to have a mastectomy, there is a good reason. You want to live!

Thank goodness the cancer ridden body part can be removed. Not only that, but with reconstructive surgery, implants and other cosmetic surgeries, you might be able to have a man-made second chance to enjoy all you love about your breasts. Some surgical procedures are minimized; others retain the sensitive nipple area. Prosthetic devices can magically camouflage the missing parts so you still have that awesome female figure. After all, losing the cancer is more important than losing the tissue.

Your partner or future partner loves you; they will want to make you feel attractive and loved and sensual, with or without breasts. The sexual experience is not focused or centered upon that one area of the body. It is a whole body experience, and partners can explore many different pleasure centers to make up for the missing breasts. In time, the wounds will heal and scars fade. Depending on the type of after-care and reconstruction that is done, if done at all, you can continue in a loving and fulfilling relationship. You can continue without fear that cancer will rob you of precious time with your partner and your partner will love that you will not be taken away prematurely.

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